The water and sanitation policy of the Government of Rwanda is since 2004 tuned at moving away from community based management and promoting participation of the private sector in the management of rural water service provision.
In RWANDA, the management of water facilities in rural areas is carried out directly by the private operators.
In the spirit of good governance based on Public private partnership (PPP) in Rwanda, some experts and technicians of the former REGIE D’EAU in KIREHE District created AYATEKE STAR COMPANY Ltd with the aim of expanding activities to various areas in Rwanda and East Africa.
It was officially registered with “RWANDA DEVELOPMENT BOARD (RDB)” on 09 August 2013 with Company Code No 103058183.

Since 2013 Ayateke Star started the operation in the rural area of Rwanda and our expansion are as follow


 The company has the mission to promote the sustainability in the management of Water and Sanitation Infrastructures.
 Through water for life our prime concern, help people to maximize their lifestyle value for living in a safe and lovable environment.


Our vision is to be the premier and preferred provider of water and sanitation services in Rwanda and in East AFRICA in the future


At the present, our activities of the management of water supply schemes are located in HUYE, NYARUGURU, KAYONZA, KIREHE, RULINDO, GATSIBO, GICUMBI, RWAMAGANA, RUTSIRO, GISAGARA, GASABO and NYAMASHEKE Districts and also MAHAMA CAMP in the Republic of Rwanda. In the future we shall be working in other various areas in Rwanda, and other countries of Africa.